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My name is Nick and I am an experienced French teacher committed to making French fun for homeschooling families. I use a gesture-based learning method which is well suited for visual, auditory or kinesthetic learners. I am launching online classes for homeschool families in September 2024. Yes, these classes are for the whole family, including moms and dads. Classes will include several families learning French together. Learning together allows you to practice together as a family outside of class time. It is far superior than leaving kids alone on the computer to try and learn by themselves. Le French Teacher is suited for families who have no French or very little French experience*. Families learn to understand both written and spoken French, with the emphasis on developing the ability to speak French. If you think your family might be interested in learning French, please review the lesson policy information by clicking the the button below*. You can also reach me by phone at 403-826-6427 to ask any questions.

* Those with prior French experience should contact me by clicking here to see about other options.

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