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In-Person or Online Family Learning

The option of either face-to-face learning with other students or learning online as a family with either Mom or Dad or both!

An Immersive French Learning Environment

From the very first class students will be speaking French to communicate.

Social Development

Childhood, youth and young adulthood are key periods of social formation. Language learning with Le French Teacher offers the unique rewards of increased self-concept and confidence in the social sphere provided by a safe and encouraging classroom.

Homeschool Friendly

Siblings can be in the same class together. Though classes can be divided based on ability, they are not separated strictly by age or grade.

Multiple Classes Per Week

Exposure and practice are important in learning a new language. Le French Teacher offers the option of an accelerated program of two classes per week*. This allows students to experience the rewards of fluency sooner.

*The accelerated option is currently available for in-person learning only.

Group Lessons

Limited class sizes and the unique engagement required by the gesture based program make Le French Teacher classes a fun place to learn. Parents are invited to audit the class to observe it's impact!

Lessons: Lessons
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