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My name is Nick and I am an experienced French teacher committed to making French fun.
I began speaking French in kindergarten when my parents enrolled me in French immersion. I continued in French immersion until the end of high school and then again in university where I completed my education degree in French.
Prior to obtaining my teaching degree, I worked as a stand-up comic and actor. Circumstances allowed me to be hired by a private school when the French teacher suddenly quit. I taught French as a second language at that school and my only qualification was that I spoke French.
Since then I worked toward my two-year Bachelor of Education at the University of Calgary and was promptly hired by a large school board.
I have taught in both French Immersion and FSL programs, with FSL being my favourite.
I use a gesture-based learning method which is well suited for visual, auditory or kinesthetic learners.  I love incorporating humour into my classes and bringing students from absolute beginner to French conversationalists.

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